• poecasavant

Adventure Time!

On Europe's highest peak, Mt. Elbrus, during a Russian blizzard.


Since this is my very first blog post, let me introduce myself. My name is Poe Casavant, and I’m the author of the upcoming Langyan Series. I am also a certified adrenaline junkie--a trait that tends to rub off on my characters. They say, “write what you know,” and I took that advice to heart. My characters are mountain climbers, skydivers, adventure cyclists, and just all-around daredevils. Even when writing romance, I love characters that face danger and grow together as a couple.

I especially want to feature women who embrace adventure and uncertainty. My current quest is climbing the 7 Summits, which are the highest mountains on every continent. So far, I have completed Africa, Europe, Antarctica, and Australia, often surrounded by teams composed entirely of men. While they were excellent climbing partners, and many have become dear friends, I would love to encourage more women to take up the sport. It builds confidence, communication skills, and endurance. Even outside of mountaineering, the benefits are enormous. It can lead women to aim higher, push harder, and demand their full worth.

The focus of my blog will be on adventure and writing, and how the two can mesh for some high-octane storytelling. Some posts may be more action-focused, while others will concentrate on the no-less-daunting journey to getting published. If this sounds like your cup of tea, I’ll be posting every Wednesday. Check back in or hit subscribe. 

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