The Mountain Between Us

Finding Common Ground in an Odd-Couple Marriage My husband is fancy. Frilly, frivolous, a modern-day dandy, Tom enjoys the finer things in life—pristine clothes, expensive meals, and luxury hotels. His bathroom routine takes over an hour each morning, with about twenty minutes devoted solely to hair. Like clockwork, as each new season rolls around, his wardrobe expands by a few trendy items. Born and raised in blue collar New England, naturally, I find this all terribly showy

Exploring Antarctica, the Lonely Continent

There are few places that capture the imagination quite like Antarctica. Frozen, uninhabited, and shrouded in darkness for much of the year, it can seem more like something out of a fantasy novel than a real location. For many of the world’s adventurers, this is one of earth’s last great frontiers. In 2016, after years of saving for the cost of a plane ticket, I boarded the Ilyushin Il-76, a Russian cargo plane capable of landing on the Antarctic ice—a handy feature when ther